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29/10/2012 20:59:00 Owen Paterson's speech on abandoning climate change targets

Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson gave the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s annual lecture. Here’s how he said we should go about ‘Keeping the Lights On’:


MPs debating the future of the Climate Change Act. It's described as "ludicrous" and "the most foolish piece of legislation" MPs are ever likely to hear.

16/10/2012 18:56:25 VIDEO: DEMO HM TREASURY 10am Thursday 18 Oct: GREEN ISN'T WORKING

Join us for a demo outside HM Treasury this Thursday morning 10am. Help us send the message to government that Green isn't working.

30/09/2012 12:15:28 Christopher Booker: George Osborne’s CO2 Tax Will Double UK Electricity Bills

There’s a nasty shock in store for the British householder when a new ‘carbon’ tax comes into force.


Two days of high-level, thought-provoking, public debate organised by the Institute of Ideas at the Barbican.

27/09/2012 01:08:12 ED MILIBAND IS WRONG

Posted by Ben Pile on September 26, 2012


SPIKED EDITOR Brendan O'Neill asks: Is there anything left wing about environmentalism? In recent times it is assumed that a leftie must also be a greenie but is this a betrayal of the ideas and principles that were once associated with being left wing?

16/09/2012 01:06:53 Greens and Gummer routed as shale gas wins new enthusiasts

By Christopher Booker The Telegraph 15 Sep 2012 Greens and Gummer routed as shale gas wins new enthusiasts Green lobby groups have been defeated, as energy minister favours massive investment in gas generation

16/09/2012 01:02:36 Roger Helmer MEP: Emissions savings on wind farms range from trivial to zero

Roger Helmer gives a taster of UKIP's new Energy Policy which is launching next week at the national conference.

13/09/2012 00:18:34 Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore rips 'Greenpeace's Crime Against Humanity' for opposing Golden Rice which can eliminate vitamin A deficiency

Moore: 'Greenpeace and its allies have successfully blocked the introduction of golden rice for over a decade' -- WHO says 'between 250,000 to 500,000 children become blind every year due to vitamin A deficiency, half of whom die within a year of becoming blind'


NEWSNIGHT 5 September 2012 Don't panic on Arctic ice: Peter Lilley MPs review of the Stern Review. The costs of CO2 mitigation will be more than the benefits.

04/09/2012 09:35:51 PETER LILLEY MP: What Is Wrong With Stern?

The Failings of the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change. A senior British Conservative Peter Lilley MP has called for the commissioning of a fresh independent study into the economics of climate change and sharply criticised economist Nicholas Stern’s six-year-old report – which warned that the costs of doing nothing to prevent global warming significantly outweighed the costs of acting. Send a copy of this report to your MP and ask: Why are the costs of climate legislation more than the benefits?

07/08/2012 12:11:52 EVENT: Steve McIntyre's London Talk: Climate - The Year In Review

Steve McIntyre (editor of the Climate Audit blog) will be speaking at the Global Warming Policy Foundation on 16 August in London.

10/05/2012 10:42:48 Christopher Booker: Zombie MPs And The Climate Change Act

They passed it almost unanimously, but MPs still can't grasp the consequences of the most expensive legislation in British history

05/05/2012 10:53:16 Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and James Lovelock do a major Green U-turn

Fritz Vahrenholt, one of Germany's earliest green energy investors, is not convinced that humanity is causing catastrophic global warming. And James Lovelock on shale gas and the problem with 'greens.


"Why does the right have a problem with climate change?" That was the essential question asked at an event on Tuesday evening held by thinktank Policy Exchange. The answer is a lack of convincing evidence!

29/04/2012 09:35:49 WRITE TO YOUR MP - Ask how will our economy continue to function?

Christopher Booker asks: The green mystery we must ask our MPs to explain. David Cameron, reiterating his claim to lead “the greenest government ever”, has again highlighted one of the great political mysteries of our time – one I would be grateful for my readers’ help in unravelling. Four years ago, our MPs voted almost unanimously for by far the most expensive law ever enacted by Parliament. According to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc), the Climate Change Act will cost us all up to £18 billion every year until 2050. It commits Britain, uniquely in the world, to cut its emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to only a fifth of what they were in 1990.


The general public have had enough of the"green crony capitalism” of the current government and launched a National Opposition to Windfarms Charter. The Campaign to Repeal the Climate Change Act fully supports the NOW Charter and hopes that you will too. The aim of the NOW Charter is to establish a national body to oppose windfarms by tackling policy. The alliance will also be a source of collective knowledge and strategic help. Please sign up to this campaign, write to or visit your MP with the NOW Charter and pass this message on to friends, associations and other organisation you are involved with. Thank you for your continued support.

15/04/2012 17:00:05 The Royal Society Takes Another Step Away from Science

Ben Pile discusses 'science in the service of politics'.

12/04/2012 12:40:41 Richard Lindzen: Response To The Critique Of My House Of Commons Lecture

Response to the critique of my lecture in the House of Commons on February 22, 2012 Richard S. Lindzen Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT. Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

11/04/2012 13:09:56 THE GREEN DEAL WON'T WORK

Jill Kirby: The Green Deal Could Leave Ministers With A Giant Mis-Selling Scandal On Their Hands

11/04/2012 12:52:36 Climate Rebellion Rocks NASA

Former NASA scientists, astronauts admonish agency on climate change position.

08/04/2012 15:55:20 The Dangerous Green Agenda & How You Can Fight Back

Filmmaker/producer Ann McElhinney discusses the human devastation that radical environmentalism causes. The presentation was recorded at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute's 2011 Western Women's Summit held in the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara CA.

07/04/2012 11:15:11 EVENT BOOK NOW! : A Greener Shade of Blue? Communicating Climate Change on the Right

The Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP, who was one of the 5 MPs to vote against the Climate Change Bill, will be debating at this important event hosted by the Policy Exchange, Westminster. A chance to get off the blogs and come along and express your climate realist views in person. Book your place now and give support to Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP.

03/04/2012 15:14:35 Dominic Lawson: Britain Has Finally Rejected The Bogus Economics Of Climate Change

The gap between comfort and chaos in modern civilisation is alarmingly narrow and defined by a four-letter word: fuel.

03/04/2012 14:12:29 Today’s News Media: Cheerleaders for the Establishment

Donna Laframboise's blog 'No Frakking Consensus' takes a critical look at the world of the WWF, banks, leading corporations and the press. Donna's conclusion is "...newspapers aren’t what they used to be. Rather than providing checks and balances, the media is now a cheerleader for the affluent and the well-connected."

30/03/2012 11:54:08 The IPCC & A Handy Bullshit Button On Disasters and Climate Change

Professor Roger Pielke Jr. reports: Kudos to the IPCC -- they have gotten the issue just about right, where "right" means that the report accurately reflects the academic literature on this topic.

16/03/2012 15:43:34 Green Extremes: Germany's Failing Environmental Projects

The energy-saving light bulb ends up as hazardous waste, too much insulation promotes mold and household drains are emitting a putrid odor because everyone is saving water. Many of Germany's efforts to protect the environment are a chronic failure, but that's unlikely to change.

15/03/2012 09:06:11 REPEAL THE ACT BRIEFING - Scrap the Carbon Floor Price in the budget

BREAKING NEWS FROM POLAND A coordinator of the Polish effort aimed at organizing a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) regarding the suspension/repeal of the European Energy and Climate Package has been appointed. And increasing demands from the business leaders to scrap the Carbon Floor Price in next weeks budget.

13/03/2012 14:52:39 Peter Lilley MP Warns Of Green Sub-Prime Bank

[The Green Investment Bank] will be a sub-prime bank, because the Government have said that it will not accept prime investment opportunities, which will be left to the market. The bank will be able to lend only to those opportunities that are not attractive to industry — despite huge subsidies, quotas, publicity and fashion. In short, it will be able to lend only to the sub-prime opportunities. --Peter Lilley MP,

12/03/2012 09:45:17 Shadow Climate Minister demands answers as concerns grow over Green Deal

A senior MP has demanded answers from Energy Ministers as support for the Green Deal appears to have started crumbling away.


THE debate about whether wind power is efficient and effective has been going on for years and the wind farm campaigners have lost the argument.

09/03/2012 17:02:40 Apology From Prof. Lindzen for Howard Hayden's NASA-GISS Data Interpretation Error

Professor Richard Lindzen and would like to make it known that there was an error in the interpretation of NASA-GISS data by Howard Hayden (see Lindzen's seminar slide 12 error). The Howard Hayden graph was used in MIT Prof Richard S. Lindzen's seminar on Reconsidering the Climate Change Act Global Warming: How to approach the science (Climate models and the evidence ?) at the UK House of Commons in Committee Room 14 held on the 22nd of February 2012.

07/03/2012 13:27:10 The £120 Billion Blunder: Wind Energy 'Ten Times Dearer Than Gas Power Stations'

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 Sean Poulter reports in the Daily Mail on useless ugly wind farms, which will needlessly cost the consumer hundreds of billions of pounds more than gas powered stations. There is also a new report out from the GWPF which asks: Why Are Wind Farms So Expensive? "The rush to green energy by spending billions covering much of the countryside with wind turbines would be an expensive blunder, a damning study has found. Professor Gordon Hughes of Edinburgh University said the massive programme will cost consumers £120billion by 2020 through higher bills."

06/03/2012 08:36:42 Matt Ridley: The Beginning Of The End Of Wind

The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them so long?

01/03/2012 17:02:15 Announcing the Matt Ridley Prize for Environmental Heresy

FRASER NELSON reports in The Spectator on Matt Ridley's £8,500 essay prize in June.

29/02/2012 00:29:05 Ben Pile: Greens, face it: we’re just not that into you.

As ‘Fakegate’ shows, the inconvenient truth for greens is there is no denialist conspiracy blocking climate-change action.

25/02/2012 00:47:13 Climate Change Issues: The Special Contribution of Vaclav Klaus

In relation to climate change issues, there is an official policy consensus. That consensus has been firmly in place for over twenty years, and virtually all governments subscribe to it. By way of recent example, paragraph 66 of last year’s G20 Summit Document begins as follows:

23/02/2012 17:38:38 Is Catastrophic Global Warming, Like The Millenium Bug, A Mistake?

Here is a report from The Independent on Repeal the Act's seminar by guest speaker MIT Professor Richard Lindzen yesterday in the House of Commons Committee Room 14 to a packed audience. A video of this event will be available soon. Full seminar slides are below. "If Lindzen is right, we will never be able to calculate the trillions that have been spent on the advice of “scientists in the service of politics”.

15/02/2012 22:33:21 Is there a valid economic case for ‘going green’ in an ‘age of austerity’?

The Centre for Policy Studies invites us to join the economic debate for 'going green'. None of the pledges made by the Coalition upon coming to power in May 2010 were more striking than the following two: To tackle the nation's finances and bring the budget under control To be the "greenest government ever".

14/02/2012 20:22:21 Climate-Change Alarmism: Fuelled By Fantasy

Ben Pile: A study published in Nature last week has found that the effects of climate change on Himalayan glaciers have been overstated. But rather than facing up to their alarmism, those who have been guilty of exaggeration remain as unreflective as ever. Perhaps they are intent on continuing to make political and moral capital out of the possibility of climate catastrophe.

11/02/2012 22:59:29 Post-Huhne Climate Politics?

Ben Pile: So Chris Huhne has resigned, pending something or other about perverting the course of justice. Sceptics and other critics of UK/EU energy policy are understandably happy.

09/02/2012 22:56:04 Royal Society Urged To Restore Culture of Open-Mindedness on Climate Science & Policy Debates

London, 9 February: The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is calling on the Royal Society to restore a culture of open-mindedness and balanced assessment of climate science and climate policy.

03/02/2012 01:01:47 Full letter from MPs to David Cameron on wind power subsidies

More than 100 MPs have written to the Prime Minister demanding cuts to the £500 million a year subsidies paid to the wind power industry. "In these financially straightened times, we think it is unwise to make consumers pay, through taxpayer subsidy, for inefficient and intermittent energy production that typifies on-shore wind turbines."

25/01/2012 23:25:02 Greens to sceptics: show us the money!

The campaign to get a tiny charity to reveal its backers is driven by a desire to stamp out any eco-criticism.

18/01/2012 21:22:54 Is Chris Huhne Misleading the Public About the Cost of Green Energy?

This afternoon repealtheact participated in a live discussion with Energy Secretary Chris Huhne on energy price rises and asked a simple question and what an angry and defensive response!

17/01/2012 14:29:10 Donna Lamframboise: The Canadian (Climate) Paradox

How many additional scandals must surface before the politicians of the world figure out that the IPCC doesn’t deserve their trust?

08/01/2012 17:54:34 URGENT CAMPAIGN: NO ROCs = NO WIND FARMS

URGENT: SEND AN EMAIL TO DECC AND HELP US STOP WIND FARMS We know that the developers won’t build windfarms if they don’t have ROCs subsidy. DECC reports the results of the consultation on their website; if 10,000 of us say zero ROCs they have to listen!

30/12/2011 20:32:20 Lying With Numbers: Green Energy Edition

To say that the green energy revolution will cost about the same as fossil fuels is, well I call it a flat out lie. And aren’t we lucky that we are forced, at gunpoint, to pay the salaries of those who lie to us so grievously?


So why no debate on the assumptions behind the more apocalyptic forecasts? Example: the UN forecast 50 million climate refugees by 2010 – where are they?

24/12/2011 22:13:01 GREEN BRITAIN: A Miserable 'Heat or Eat' Christmas

The rising cost of gas and electricity is forcing many families to cut back their spending on Christmas festivities, a new poll has revealed. Households are set to trim the amount of money spent on presents, food and alcohol in order to make sure they can afford to heat the home, according to

02/12/2011 11:33:44 Cartoons by Josh The Climate Change Act Reconsidered - 30th November 2011

A packed Committee Room 14, House of Commons, Westminster, heard from Dr Philip Stott, Rev Philip Foster, Prof Ian Plimer, Donna Laframboise, James Dent, Ruth Lea and Matt Ridley.

22/11/2011 14:25:06 CLIMATEGATE II:250,000 MORE LEAKED EMAILS

Breaking news: two years after the Climategate, a further batch of emails has been leaked onto the internet by a person – or persons – unknown.

17/11/2011 10:30:28 The Climate Change Act Reconsidered Debate 1pm-4pm 30 November 2011

The Climate Change Act Reconsidered is of great relevance today in light of scientific scandals and the publics loss of trust in costly green climate and energy policies.

03/11/2011 20:42:01 Indirect Action

Ben Pile Reports: The moral argument for more energy — for ‘extreme energy’ needs to be reclaimed. Cheaper, and increasingly abundant energy is a good thing because it increases the possibilities of human lives. Being restricted to Nature’s Providence is a bad thing, because it limits the possible freedoms humans can enjoy.

03/11/2011 12:13:51 Will The EU Become An International No-Fly Zone?

Fay reports: The days of air travel may soon come to an end. The UK has the highest flight tax in the world. In fact the UK’s charges are already 8.5 times more than the average in the rest of Europe. The Government is increasing green CO2 taxes in time to hit your summer holiday next year. The Chancellor's Budget says that Air Passenger Duty (APD) taxes will be increased next year by double inflation. Tell Mr Osborne to keep his 'Hands off our holiday' and give us a break. In addition to these green taxes, the costly, draconian Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), and its new regulation threatens the entire structure of international air travel by unilaterally violating agreements that have been negotiated over decades. If you value your holidays and affordable air travel it is time to act. Write to your MP and sign our e-petition to repeal the Climate Change Act to stop these CO2 taxes and attacks on our liberty to travel by air.

02/11/2011 14:07:42 George Osborne's Solar Victory: Next Target - Wacky Windmills

Fay reports: Some welcome news at last as Osborne pulls the plug on the green rip-off subsidy for solar energy system set up by Ed Miliband when he was energy secretary, which encouraged a green investment bubble in solar. This foolish and socially divisive scheme benefited the rich at the expense of the poor and has helped drive 5.5 million households into fuel poverty. Let’s hope the wacky windmills will be axed soon so we can all have a return to affordable electricity bills. Read more of this good news for the consumer here...

30/10/2011 23:26:23 Scientist Who Said Climate Sceptics Had Been Proved Wrong Accused Of Hiding Truth By Colleague

Mail on Sunday By DAVID ROSE 30th October 2011 It was hailed as the scientific study that ended the global warming debate once and for all – the research that, in the words of its director, ‘proved you should not be a sceptic, at least not any longer’. The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a leading member of Prof Muller’s team has accused him of trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has stopped.

28/10/2011 21:38:00 Subsidising the Argument

Ben Pile Reports: There has been a fair amount of discussion about subsidies in the ongoing debate about energy policies recently.

23/10/2011 14:04:12 Ben Pile: ‘The Science Is Settled’, Part 858

Most environmental journalists don't actually understand the climate debate they are purporting to have analysed.

23/10/2011 00:17:19 Chris Huhne Condemns Us All To Fuel Poverty

Saturday, 22 October 2011 19:58 Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph Another monumentally expensive project to 'fight climate change' has bitten the dust - but the Energy Secretary still doesn't see the light.

22/10/2011 00:42:27 Climate Change Policy is as Dangerous as Climate Change

Ben Pile reports According to Channel 4 News, an interim independent report predicts that 2,700 people will die this winter as a consequence of fuel poverty, a figure greater than the number killed in traffic accidents each year.

16/10/2011 22:38:19 The Big Lie About the ‘Big 6′

In spite of their having campaigned tirelessly over the last few decades for more expensive and less efficient forms of energy production — ‘sustainable energy’ — many of a greenish hue are getting heated up about about UK energy market regulator OFGEM’s latest report.

16/10/2011 22:30:34 Nigel Lawson: Listen Up, BBC, The Climate Debate Is Far From Over

The BBC, in determining its policy towards the coverage of global warming, which is of course not simply a scientific issue but an economic and a political issue, too, ought to shred that section of the Jones review and revert to the impartiality laid down in its charter.

15/10/2011 17:58:10 Matt Ridley: Making Wind Farms Obsolete

Matt Ridley wrote for this week's Spectator about UK energy policy. Wind must give way to gas before it ruins us all, and our landscapes.

13/09/2011 13:36:12 Christopher Booker on Wind farms: the monuments to lunacy

Wind farms: the monuments to lunacy that will be left to blot the landscape

28/08/2011 15:42:25 The BBC steadfastly avoids the facts about the wind farm scam

David Shukman's reports on energy policy for the BBC failed to explain the true lunacy of the Government's plans. Article taken from Christopher Booker.

28/08/2011 15:33:35 Sun Causes Climate Change Shock

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